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History and cooperation


For over thirty years, the carpentry core has been in the very top of the carpentry business. Owner Jožef Koren gained experience working as an worker at a private carpenter, then he moved to the HRT. As a part of the team who makes the scenography and participates in all major projects such as the weel of fortune and Split Festival.

Today, Jožef Koren, with the support of son Antonio, employs eight employees whose expertise and quality are important in everyday work..



By working with renowned Croatian architects we are working on the arrangement of apartments, family houses, cafes, apartments, houses and other facilities. We use top quality materials in our work, and with the first-class wooden design. We pay close attention to the design and aesthetics of the entire space.

Some of the top architects with whom we have established business cooperation are B.Sc. Architect Nenad Fabijanić, B.Sc. Architect Ines Filipović, B.Sc. Hrvoje Lovošević, B.Sc. Architect Dražen Juračić, B.Sc. Ivan Crnković, Archbishop Nikola Polak, B.Sc. Architect Ivan Crnkovic, Architectural Studio 3 LHD and many others ...



Throughout the year we have decorated the interior and exterior of luxury family houses, apartments, villas and apartments on the Adriatic and holiday houses. Our quality has been recognized by coffee owners such as Charlie, Argentina, Velvet, Harmica, Glembay, Moj bar and others. If we take a look at the scenery, we have edited the Ethnographic Museum, the Klović's Palace, the Museum of Nikola Tesla, the Historical Museum, the Coastal and Historical Museum of the Croatian River Littoral, the weel of Fortune, etc. Of the other projects we also designed the Zagreb Airport.

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